Blue-eyed Blond Ape

Cursed Troubadour Box for NI Massive
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Soundbank for NI Massive
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Techno, Techno, House, Ambient, Dub you name them, Cursed Troubadour Box for NI Massive does them.
That’s basically it, listen to demos and download demo presets to make sure it’s compatible, because you need the latest massive update. Presets are in “.nmsv” format. Demo presets.
All are tagged, all will show up properly in your Massive presets browser.
All presets have all 8 macro knobs assigned giving you an immense amount of possibilities to hone in and shape your sound.
There are 300 presets in total, 100 of them are variations, variations not only do sound different but also have macro knobs assigned to them independently from a version it’s derived, like for every preset in this set, all macro knobs are assigned for each independently thus you can get a wide range of sounds and possibilities with every preset.
E.g., some pads can be tweaked into keys using macro knobs and wise versa, so you’re getting a unique sound, listen to demos called Banjos and Monkey’s In Dub, it’ll give you some understanding, especially guitar sounds in Banjos demo are pads tweaked using macro knobs and those sounds are nowhere to be found in “Keys” category, so it’s unique and from scratch.
300 presets :
Bass – 67,
Drums – 32,
Fx – 28,
Keys – 99,
Leads – 40,
Pads – 52,
Perc – 1.

Demo Videos