Global Communication Noise for U-he Zebra2

This Zebra2 soundbank is suitable for all kinds of electronic music, all presets have mod-wheel assignments and most have basic x/y axis assignments too.Besides it comes with a Presonus Studio One project for a track which you can hear in the first demo called “Universal Babbles”. I reserve all the rights to that track, it’s for an educational purpose for you to see for yourself how presets have been used in it.

Listen to demos and download free demo presets to try it out.

With this bank you get 128 presets and as a bonus you get about 40+ preset variations.

If you buy this bank bundled with a “Techno Monkeys’ Invasion for D16 Group Lush-101”, you get both for $35.

128 Presets
Acoustic – 3
Bass – 58
Drums – 18
Fx – 18
Keys – 25
Leads – 9
Pads – 37
Perc – 3
Download Demo Presets

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   Soundbank for Zebra2            

For an info on Zebra2 please visit: or

All sounds in demos are from Zebra2 including drums
There’s only an Eq, which was used just to cut the low-end on some tracks and a limiter on a master bus.


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