Precious for Xfer Records Serum

All sounds in demo videos are made with Serum except drums.

Sounds are suitable for various styles of electronic music, though there are a lot of crazy sounds that lend itself to dubstep and D&B styles, nevertheless all presets have relevant mod knob assignments, so you can quickly shape it more to your liking.
Quite a bit of sounds have custom sounds synthesized into wavetables, so you get something which you usually couldn’t get just from Serum’s built in wavetables.
All in all, all presets have mod-wheel assignments, velocity where relevant and mod-knobs too.

324 presets, part of it are about 100 variations.
Bass – 119,
Fx – 31,
Keys – 61,
Leads – 76,
Pads – 36.

Demo Preset
Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 4.43.16 PM
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After successful transaction it will be delivered to you within a 24h period as an email attachment, if your email can’t accept attachments, you’ll be provided with a download link. File size is 150MB.
If you don’t get it within a 24h period, you’ll be refunded if you wish so.
For Terms of Service please fallow this link: license

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