Rezo for U-he Diva

This soundbank is suitable for all kinds of electronic music you can think of  and more. There are 400 presets for new Digital Oscillator and Uhbie modules, plus 100 variations and besides that you get a bonus of 139 presets for older modules.
All presets for new modules have mod-wheel assignments and all “Bass” presets for older modules also have MW assignments. 
For your convenience a set is separated into two folders, one for new Diva modules and one for older modules.
Download demo presets to test it out, demo presets.
For more information on Diva please visits or
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Soundbank for U-he Diva
After successful transaction it will be delivered to you within a 24h period as an email attachment, if your email can’t accept attachments, you’ll be provided with a download link. File size is 2.34MB.
If you don’t get it within a 24h period, you’ll be refunded if you wish so.
400 presets for new modules:                         Plus 139 presets for older modules:
Bass – 145,                                                        Bass – 69
Drums – 50,                                                       Drums – 2
Fx – 62,                                                             Fx – 21
Keys – 109,                                                        Keys – 17
Lead – 49,                                                          Lead – 10
Pad – 89,                                                            Pad – 13
Perc – 4.                                                             Perc – 1  
                                                                          Stab – 3
Download demo presets