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Soundbank for Lennar Digital Sylenth1
After successful transaction it will be delivered to you within a 24h period as an email attachment, if your email can’t accept attachments, you’ll be provided with a download link. File size is 1.20MB.
If you don’t get it within a 24h period, you’ll be refunded if you wish so.
For Terms of Service please fallow this link: license
266 presets :
Bass – 87,
Drums – 17,
Fx – 65,
Keys – 64,
Leads – 2,
Pads – 28,
This soundbank is an analog injection for Sylenth1, most sounds are programmed with analog sound in mind to get what one would expect to get from analog synth.
Soundbank contains loads of unique and interesting basses and effects, many easily can find their way into dubstep, break beat, D&B tracks.
Soundbank comes with a Logic 9 project for a song called “Michel”, project contains third party limiter plugin, it’s only there to catch peaks, so you don’t need to have it, sound is not affected with or without it.
Project is not copyright free, I reserve all rights to it, it’s only provided for educational entertainment purpose.
In total there are 266 presets, half of them are variations.
All sounds in demo videos are made with Sylenth1, except drums.


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